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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


What's the difference between TrakMarket and the other platforms on the market?

Among our main differentiators are:


- We speak your same language and understand your concerns;

- We do everything in our power to answer all your questions immediately;

- Your effort for us is the most important thing and for this reason we remunerate all the clicks you generate;

- We give you the results of the campaigns in real time;

- We work with Premium Advertisers and from all types of industries.

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Earning money with us is very easy, all you have to do is join and share the campaigns of all our affiliated Advertisers through the digital media of your choice.

How can I earn money with TrakMarket?

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With us you have a path full of possibilities so your earnings will depend on how good a matchmaker you are. The amount to earn for each CPC, CPL or CPA that you generate as well as the conditions can be found in the summary of each of the campaigns of our affiliated Advertisers.

How much can I earn as an affiliate?

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Does it cost to be an affiliate?

Your membership is totally free, do not hesitate to join and show us how good a matchmaker you are.

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Can I join if I'm not from Mexico?



At TrakMarket we make no differences so it doesn't matter which part of the world you are from, you are welcome. Become an affiliate and exploit your knowledge and experience promoting and advertising campaigns through digital media.

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How can I contact TrakMarket?

You can contact us by any of the following means:


Regardless of the means of contact, we will do our best to respond to you as soon as possible.

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How often do you pay commissions?

We quantify the clicks you have generated each end of the month and once you share the invoice for the commissions you generated, we schedule your payment within a period of no more than 45 calendar days.

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Our minimum for the payment of commissions is $ 1,500.00 pesos or its equivalent in your currency.

If in a month you do not generate the minimum, what we will do is accumulate the clicks generated with the subsequent months until you manage to generate the minimum amount.

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If at the end of your membership registration you do not see our confirmation email in your inbox, we recommend that you carry out the following steps:


1. Check your spam or junk mail tray as it is likely to be found in these trays.

2. Register our domain or email to your contacts and register again.

3. Make sure you have correctly registered your email. In case of having registered an erroneous email, make your affiliation registration again.


If after completing these steps you cannot find the confirmation email, send us an email to or contact us through one of our means of contact and we will gladly help you finalize your membership.

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Sure! You can be an affiliate of the companies or platforms you want but we assure you that once you try our platform and experience all our benefits you will not return to any of the other platforms.

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